William Daniel Mikolajczyk (born July 13, 2003), better known by his online alias Plasta Fierce, is an IT professional, programmer, and record producer.


Early life

William was born on July 13, 2003 to Dean Mikolajczyk and Angela Bright. After his birth, not much is known. William was always fascinated with video games and electronics.


At the age of thirteen, William befriended Michael Sinclair, the owner and CEO of MAD Entertainment. He then joined MAD Entertainment in late 2016 and began pursuing a music making career. He created remix's to popular songs, as well as produced two original songs. See Discography. Despite his efforts, William's music was not successful which resulted in MAD Entertainment releasing the license claim on William's tracks, therefore meaning they are now owned by him. Due to this lack of success, William has since then changed his mind about music making full time, and wants to consider a job in the technology industry. As of 2018, William has not discovered a job that's suits him, and is planning on waiting until he is finished with college to decide.

His music was never officially distributed, but was uploaded to SoundCloud, an online music sharing website. His remix "I Wanna (Remix)" got over 600 plays on SoundCloud. It was later revealed that William took advantage a website that sent fake views to his track. This being a violation of the MAD Entertainment Employee Code Of Conduct, William was no longer allowed to distribute his music through Roll With It Records, or any inheriting divisions.

William also owns a YouTube channel, which he posts various technology related videos. The account is not partnered with MAD Entertainment and his videos are not licensed nor does MAD Entertainment or any of its divisions, endorse, distribute, or collect revenue from the account.



Title Year Included in
Tiimmy Turner Remix Kanye West 2017 Non-album single
castle on a hill 2017 Non-album single

Removed from sale

Title Year Included in
Closer (Cover) 2017 Non-album Single


Title Year Included in