The Aftonian language is a language eerily similar to the English language, so much so that it can be easy to understand what an Afton is saying. For example:

"Ah tee datzu mi pee po"
Translates to:
"Why do you do this to my people?"
That can leave us to assume that the Aftonian language has a individual word structure similar to English, as well. If so, then each sylabl can be appropriated to words.

Aftonian to English

"Ah" is "Why" in English.

"Tee" is "Do" or "Do you?" in English.

"Datzu" is "Do this" in English.

"Mi" is "My" in English.

"Peepo" is "People" in English.


We have to see the Aftonian langauge in written form.