Afton are humanoid organisms from the planet Aftonia. They were created with and by Derp, which is there creator and main building block of their molecular structure. They used to be civilized until a disease infected a majority of the population resulting in complete failure of government. Afton that were infected would go through Phases of time where the infection would affect them, usually manifesting late in the afternoon.


Afton come from the planet Aftonia. They were created by Derp, a powerful Mother Nature type figure that is also a substance which is there building block. Afton were created in a non-variation manor, and all share the same physical appearance (see Appearence).


While infected


Afton are able to teleport from one location to another. Most of the time its unintentional, but sometimes its just good timing.


All Afton have the exact same appearance from birth, and do not visibly age. There image has unknown origins, and its not known why Afton look the way they do. On Earth, their clothes can be changed at will of the Afton. They spawn with no clothes.



Afton are fairly civilized and can somtimes act irrational. If in phase of Infection, however, they will act what is known as Derpy, and will be very routy, uncontrollable, unpredictable, irrational, and downright similar to that of a mentally retarded person. Afton who are infected can also have different abilities.


Soldier Afton

Soldier Afton are Afton that were tought for war, and to spread the population amongst other planets. On Earth, they use trash can lids as helmets. The majority are infected, however, the ones that are not stayed on Aftonia. The Infection was loaded in transit from Aftonia to Earth, and almost all soldier afton are infected on Earth.

Wild Afton are Afton that run away and are not taught there purpose and therefore just roam freely with no orders. Most Wild Afton are infected with Derpitis because of there lack of knowledge of how to avoid being infected.

Wild Afton


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Afton are spawned fully grown. Afton reproduce by causing a time ripple often created by extreme compression of their bodies. In The Soldier, Afton is seen being forcibly compressed by Michael, who is obiest. This results in another Afton being spawned somewhere else in the universe. Afton that are infected with Derpitis before reproducing will spread the infection to the offspring and so on. If an Afton is forcibly reproduced, it can cause deformations, if the parent wasn't already deformed. Because of compression, the reproduction process is very painful.

Death Duplication

If an Afton dies, another will spawn in its place, and it's memories are instanly reincarnated to that Afton. If Infected, this process will be have differently. If an infected Afton dies, an Afton will spawn in there place, and will also be infected with t very powerful form of Derpitis, which will result in Death. Therfore, another Afton is spawned with the same strong Derpitis. This will result in a infinite loop of birth and death. Nothing can stop this loop.